My Coaching

I work with all sorts of different people, helping and supporting individuals and groups to make positive changes to different aspects of their lives.

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Helping and supporting YOU to GROW and DEVELOP!

Coaching with CoachStu:

- Personal (Life) Coaching
- Young People (Youth) Coaching 
- Entrepreneur Coaching
- Group Coaching

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Personal (Life) Coaching Sessions

My 1-2-1 coaching sessions are focused on moving forward.  Therefore the only times we explore past experiences, is if there is something useful and helpful to learn.

What you can expect from coaching sessions with me;

Confidentiality - To get the most from personal coaching sessions, it's important that you feel comfortable to be as open and honest as possible.  Therefore all my sessions are confidential in accordance to the Coaching Code Of Conduct. (provided to all my clients)

Non-Judgemental - I won't judge anything you say, I fully appreciate that we are all unique and have different values and beliefs.

No Advice - During our coaching sessions I will not provide any advice or suggestions.  I believe YOU are the expert in your life and that you have all the answers and are resourceful enough to achieve whatever you want to.

My style of coaching is all about positivity, energy, support, encouragement and of course a little humour! 

Young People (Youth) Coaching

My 1-2-1 coaching sessions for Young People are setup to be interactive, positive, energetic and fun!  They are also *confidential and non-judgemental.

Coaching is a great practical way to address some of the challenges that young people face, such as:

- Confidence
- Relationships & Friendships
- Resilience
- Self-esteem
- Stress and Anxiety
- Positiveness
- Life/School/Hobby Balance
School, College or University Transitions   
and more....

but...  Coaching is also a great way to help ensure that young people can take full advantage of opportunities, such as:

- Planning For Exam Success
- Making Career Choices
- Academic/Sporting Excellence
- Making BIG decisions (e.g. choosing which University to attend and which course)

Typical coaching programme includes:
* 1-2-1 coaching sessions (min 4 sessions)
* Pre and post parents meeting
* Email support throughout the programme
* Personalised Personality profile report (using DISC Personality System)

All 1-2-1 coaching sessions last for no more than 90 minutes and can be performed in your home, within community facilities (if available) or remotely via the internet (using tools like Skype, FaceTime etc)

* Whilst the sessions are confidential, I will always encourage the young person to share what they have discussed within the coaching session, or ask for their permission to share it on their behalf.

Entrepreneur Coaching Sessions

Running a business can be very lonely - my
1-2-1 Entrepreneur coaching sessions provide you with a partnership and dedicated time with you, focussing on the growth and success of your business.

What you can expect from coaching sessions with me;
- Dedicated 1-2-1 time focussing on your business success
- Ability to set business goals and create plans to ensure your business moves forward
- Receive accountability (ensure you 'follow through' and take actions)
- Be challenged to grow!
- Motivation and re-energised
- Receive support to work through issues

My style of coaching is all about positivity, energy, support, encouragement and of course a little humour!

Our 1-2-1 sessions will be Confidential and
Non-Judgemental and will last for no more than 90 minutes.  The sessions can be performed face to face or remotely via the internet 
(using tools like Skype, FaceTime etc)

Group Sessions

My group sessions are interactive, positive and fun.  

I will put together and deliver tailored sessions for adults and young people on numerous topics, including:

- Coaching
- Positive Mindset  
- Managing perspectives
- Introduction To Mindfulness
- Positive Relationships
- Positiveness

and more!

I will make the content and interaction relevant to the group.

Growth and Development

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